Welcome to Soul Time

Dear Amazing Soul, 

Welcome, to the awareness and power of spending sacred time in your Akashic Records.  I’m so grateful for you, your curiosity and the gift of transformation. The soul is an amazing genius, that is easily transmuted, nurtured, and developed, to heal all the layers with love and empowerment. The blueprint is viewed as a road map to cultivate, free, release and nurture. This is a highly charged conversation to grow from trauma to triumph.

If you have questions, lets share a conversation so I can share how can I bring clarity, I can tap in and quickly create a ripple effect into your bright future.

How an Akashic Reading can bring clarity. It can release a limiting belief; from something that was told as a child. Empowered to now bring the joy of why to your past, present and future.

The Akashic can teach you to look at all areas of your life. What you think, say, do, feel, eat, heal, where to spend your time and with whom. We are always changing. What I did in the past no longer serves me any longer. I was told 2023 is the year of ascension. The world of opportunities is at your fingertips.  

I can’t wait to dive in and help with success to keep you going and start where you’re at, learn what is coming up now and why. This will awaken your intuition as you tap into this

Additional Services:

Top of Form

I have practiced homeopathy for 20 years and health is wealth. I offer guidance with natural healing, remedies, and most importantly diet is key to energy, natural with supplements for a short time as you create new pathways.  Muscle testing is also a way to test your supplements or food choices. I can go over what you are digesting now. We are all different in so many ways what works for me may not be for you. Furthermore, I have a Facebook group for recipes and nutrition.

Akashic Clearing:

Distant energy work to heal, clear, awaken and reset your trajectory of every area. Mindset, organs, digestion, chakras and energy. You will go through your timeline while I perform the work distantly. Only $127

An Akashic Record Reading is transformational and multidimensional to help you achieve your deepest desires to even better than you can imagine. If you are needing more clarity, lets schedule a breakthrough conversation to see if we can work together: to gain knowledge, open up to your goals and live your divine life purpose. Does the energy feel in alignment?  Now, I’m willing to share my growth, expansion and powerful readings. If you feel drawn, it clearly is a sign, I attract gentle souls who would benefit. $197

I am overly excited to share that I have created an Akashic Record Certification Program – I wanted to offer you something that I am very passionate about and want to share with as many souls as possible.  Not only will your soul receive a major healing, and activation, you will also make a shift in your life and in many other lives as well. This divine work creates a ripple effect in all areas. This wealth of information will clear up limiting beliefs and allow access to those deep desires that promote growth in your soul and your prosperity as well. This will allow you admission to a Facebook group to share practice sessions, support, an unlimited amount of knowledge and colleagues to communicate with. This is the key to all your questions and infinite number of deep desires of your soul’s growth and progress. Price includes 3 levels and 3 readings of $999 plus bonuses.

This transformed me in a release of heaviness to FREEDOM. I traveled for 2 years solo in an RV. Now I’m building my dream home.


Much Love,







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