Healing and Growth in the Akashic Records

Dear Amazing Soul,

Now, is the time! We are all growing and expanding 2023 is the year of ascension. I”m curious, how is your souls evolution? Are you seeing, feeling and experiencing all you desire?  Perhaps your deep desires is to create the life of your dreams.

What is an Akashic Reading?

It is a deep inner connection to the blueprint of your soul. Connecting to your oneness and discovering that you were not put on this earth to feel stress, health issues, tension or to work too hard.  This reading will unfold magically to the past, present and future. I will share the guidance of what you are needing to hear, to grow and move forward with love. Healing can be received in may different ways. Perhaps to release a stubborn blockage energetically and transform to a new you. To feel a veil lifted with ease and grace. This will open to a knowing in the mind, body and spirit and a connection to your heart and soul.

In addition, this will help with business and bring clarity, growth, and ascension. The Akashic are very loving and full of grace and truth. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more you grow. Connect with angels, accented masters, family members and whoever else is present in the reading so you can feel the vast amount of support that surrounds you. Colors, words, and messages appear. We are put on earth to evolve our soul and as we learn, heal, and discover what is that infinite spark that feeds our passion. What if you could experience more love, joy and connect to the god of your heart.

Akashic Clearing

Is 30 minutes, you will listen to a clearing meditation. I heal, activate remove what is not needed. I create movement and energy to your entire body. I send healing and activate all your organs, chakras and share direction with everything that needs to be addressed.

Diet & Muscle Testing

I go over your diet and give you a plan  with options. I muscle test your products and make suggestions.  Did you know your cells change every 60-90 days your body naturally wants to heal.  I also practice homeopathy and have a safe method for healing, quit smoking and simple choices to transcend your healing.

Akashic Course

What if you had endless expansion? It only gets stronger and as you get wiser with the wisdom, and powerful messages from your ascended masters and guides. If you tap in daily to the limitless abundance and growth to fulfill your deepest desires and then some. Each level comes with a reading. You discover more expansion daily, and your life becomes limitless.

Level 1

What you can expect. Growth and healing in your soul. You  process and unwrap the layers. Learn how to open your records, gain the clarity and connection. This will be the foundation as you learn your prayer and begin to master the Akashic Records. Every door can be open in the Records, health, wealth and healing.

Level 2

Inner child healing. Opening your collages records and deeper soul growth. How to feel energy and messages.  Discover more healing in relationships, family members, past life, mindset, career, connecting to all your clairs etc.

Level 3  

Mastering all the levels and achieving your certification. Aligning with your soul the growth and feeling of the intuitive energetic connection that you have developed. This will expand beyond your deep desires to understand this vast amount of information that flows daily.

Teach Your Children Intuition

Prompts for fun intuitive games and creative moments to enrich your children’s / families development in intuition.


Foot Reflexology, Scalp Massage with growth and volume enhancers.

Scalp massage with organic products, while clearing any trauma in your subconscious.

Awaken and align all your chakras organs and cells, remove and activate what needs healing, finish with foot reflexology. I  awaken  38 reflexology points in your feet. This will be a 1 1/2 hour service

Creative Writing Class 10/15/23

Please Join us on Sunday with a Creative Writing Class

What you will experience from this 2-day event: 10/15 and 10/22

Creativity, clearing to open your intuition, healing, energy, knowledge, expansion, and deep desires of your soul with manifesting.

We will tap in and write from your heart and soul


Much love,

Cindy Gorney