If you are interested in a great Akashic Records reading, and or course Cindy Gorney is really a beautiful soul who loves people and loves to help people with connection to your soul ,she also is a Quantum healer. So if you feel stuck, confused get in contact with this beautiful woman, she is loving and kind and very healing
If you are interested in a great Akashic Records reading, and or course Cindy Gorney is really a beautiful soul who loves people and loves to help people with connection to your soul ,she also is a Quantum healer. So if you feel stuck, confused get in contact with this beautiful woman, she is loving and kind and very healing
I just took Akashic Level 2 and it was amazing. I definitely was called each time at different points in my life to do 1 then 2. After the second class, the limiting beliefs are shedding and current mood is gangster ?. Much Love to Everyone in this Group ! If anyone would like to practice, let me know !!!
Good day to you all, my name is Holly, Jo Bouchard. I have known Cindy Gorney for a few years now and I am happy to call her a soul sister. Recently, I reached out to her for help concerning Energetic stressors that were manifesting into my physical body that I inadvertently let get out of hand.
Cindy who used her quantum healing technique coupled with her innate intuitive abilities, rooted in the Akashic Records. She is a master in connecting to divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding to implement healing and information to effectively put my mind and body at ease. Effectively putting me in alignment with healing within myself.
I highly recommend Cindy and all her intuitive soul gifts and give her a 10 out of 10 rating. Much love to you and thank you again my soul SisStar ?️
Loved the Akashic reading with you Cindy Gorney you were amazing ❤

Cindy Gorney

Oh Kathy it was my pleasure to share all the love and grace that come through! Thank you It’s truly not me I’m only the channel that felt the heartfelt love ❤️ that is for your divine soul! You are now open to more than you can imagine

Oh my gosh I feel amazing. I was feeling super low right before the clearing and I wasn’t as communicative  as I normally would. When I was meditating, during it at first felt heavy on my chest and I saw a dark rectangle over my chest area. I wanted to see what was on the other side of this emotion. By the end it went away and I could visually see all my chakras aligned and I  felt relaxed. Before the clearing I felt my soul wasn’t balanced and couldn’t figure out what to do. I feel back to myself and it helped so much.

Lynn Lynn
I just had a distant Akashic clearing with Cindy Gorney. I was amazed how I could feel the energy in my arms when she did the lymphatic cleanse. I also felt my third eye activation and heart healing in my chest. It was incredibly relaxing and filled me with energy.
Thank you Cindy
I must share that I notice things differently and I haven’t felt this good in a long time.
Thank you,

Thank you for walking by my side through on my life’s journey.  You and your service happened upon my path at the right place at the right moment.

Probably like most, I found help after an emotionally traumatic moment in my life.  Now that I have found your connection, I am committed to keeping the practice on a routine basis.  I seem to lose myself in the modern world when things are going well for me.  Only upon hitting the proverbial rock bottom, did I find that the fall hurt so much more because I lost contact with my mind/body/soul connection to this world and this moment.

Mental anguish, trauma, and health are very real experiences that often are not completed recognized.  During my traumatic event I lost contact with my body health, my mental health and my spiritual health.  I was fighting against myself thinking I was going for what I wanted.  You are walking with me on my path towards what I need.

Such a much more healthy and rewarding journey.  As I heal, I am committed to continual progress.  I am valuing more my connection in the world.  More interested in living than in getting and more content in peace and more averse to unhealthy risks.

Thank you for the spiritual guidance.  Thank you for the sincere concern.  Thank you for the slow and patient guidance.  Thank you for being a true example of proper living.  Thank you for the continued sessions.  Along with improvements in sleep, diet and exercise,  I am a better me because of you.

I had such an amazing experience having my Akashic records read with Cindy about a month ago. Cindy is such a gentle guide and really helped me settle into my body and stay connected to my spirit while she was opening and reading my records. I have no expectations for this experience and it was so incredible!! So many realizations came through that helped to strengthen my intuition and encourage me to follow my authenticity. If you’ve been hesitating on getting your records read, please consider working with Cindy. She is brilliant, kind, and a beautiful conduit!
If you are looking to get a peak into your Akashic records/past lives and get amazing channeled advice and loved ones messages – Cindy Gorney is INCREDIBLE!! ?? I felt the angels surround me an hour before our session to prepare me!! I am really vibrating high & got clear guidance as to my next steps in life.
Chills during the whole entire thing!!
Christine O’Toole Wolk
I won a free Akashic record reading with Cindy Gorney. We were able to do it this morning.
It was a beautiful, uplifting experience. Cindy hit on several things that I found amazing, including describing parts of a sketch I did a few weeks ago, a picture of me as a small child, and the stirrings within me of a rite I did earlier this week. All of this, and she has a gentle, kind, supportive way of being with you.
The last two or three weeks have seen me coming out of a funk that I have been in, and this reading with Cindy has made me feel renewed and hopeful and excited. I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience her support and insight!
Thank you, Cindy! ❤️


I experienced some of Cindy Gorney’s special magic today. Her combination of Cranial Sacral, Reiki and Reflexology sent me to a very happy place indeed

For the last 5 years I have battled with a crippling fear of my death. Many times I feared that I would just drop dead. I have tried distance reiki readings, touch therapy, and meditation. All of them served their purposes in my journey but none of them eliminated the feelings. The fear comes and goes but became lesser and lesser over the years. But a few weeks ago I started to feel this fear intensely. I was so sure of my progress but realized there was something I had to be missing. I was connected to Cindy Gorney through a mutual friend and asked her about an Akashic reading. She was more than willing to help me. I only mentioned having a crippling fear of death without giving her many details. The reading revealed so much and truth be told Cindy didn’t know what it all meant but I did. After connecting with my guides Cindy gave me an opportunity to ask questions and elaborate on why I wanted the reading. She even did an energetic clearing around my heart chakra. I haven’t felt that fear since and even though there’s times that I think I should feel it, it’s not there. Thank you so much Cindy. Can’t wait to check in again. If you have been thinking about an akashic reading, think no more Cindy is the real deal


Cindy created a soul circle during the pandemic that was much needed. Healers gathered (outside) in her magical yard and relished in healing ourselves. Cindy lead meditations, she invited others to come and do Lilac Healing, we did yoga, enjoyed writing groups with guest speakers, and learned breathwork. She was a leader in our Awake Community and supported emerging leaders with her enthusiasm. I also received a few Akashic readings from Cindy which helped guide me to trust my inner voice during very trying times. She recently designed a class where we could learn more about opening our own record and exploring ourselves. It has been a pleasure to know Cindy and to be creating a New Earth of trust, support, and love . Thank you Cindy for all you do! Tracy Schnabel


Had an amazing session with Cindy yesterday. Cindy is a very open soft soul and has an amazing ability to tap into you and guide you through your records. If you ever get a chance to work with her I would say do it, it will open your soul and mind to a new thought process!!

Tina Garry recommends Soul Time with Cindy.

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I had such an amazing reading from Cindy. I’ve had many readings in this past and this Akashic Reading was so divinely guided and such reverence was received. It was beautiful and graceful the way she delivered the messages that needed to be heard. I’ve been in the process of building my spiritual practice and I’ve really been praying for divine guidance for assistance. Cindy’s reading was such a magical gift with answers to that prayer. I’m so blessed and thankful we connected – if you feel called or drawn to receiving a reading from Cindy I would recommend following that guidance because it’s all happening for a bigger reason. So much love and gratitude

Thank you Cindy for sharing your medicine with us

Katie Janecko

I have had an amazing experience working with Cindy. She has guided me with akashic records and I I haven’t been guided with this method before. Her intuitive chat with me was incredible. She’s truly a gifted healer. My late uncle brought her to me and it’s been such a gift having her energy in my life. We have chatted a few times and I look forward to connecting with her again. Feels like she’s part of my Soul tribe!!! She’s empowering me to stand in my truth and in my power. 5 stars!!

Cindy Aillon recommends Soul Time with Cindy.

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I received my 1st beautiful, loving & healing Akashic Récord Reading by Cindy. I discovered I needed healing on a past experience, that I wasn’t aware of. I also discovered I needed to work on health, strength & confidence. I have a new awareness that is trying to emerge in my life purpose.

Thank you Cindy for your messages, guidance and clearing my doubts & fears. You are a blessing.

The readings aré recorded so you can sit back & relax and enjoy all your special messages. I recommend getting a reading from Cindy. She is truly gifted, totally on-point & full of love.

Jared Currie recommends Soul Time with Cindy.

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WOW! Is the first thing that comes to mind. I have had many readings in the past from a wide variety of practitioners but this was my first ‘Akashic Record Reading.’ The big difference for me was the Heart that comes through. Cindy is such a genuine human being and the information she channeled was so uplifting and totally on-point with what I need to hear. She is absolutely amazing and if you have the chance to work with her, consider yourself blessed!

Caitlin Kozak recommends Soul Time with Cindy.

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I had my first Akashic records session today with Cindy. This was completely new to me and I was not sure what to expect. My friend had recommended her to me. It was a beautiful and emotional experience, just what I needed. As soon as we ended our session, I knew instantly I wanted to do this again with her. Cindy has an amazing gift, and is such a lovely person. I high recommend Soul Time with Cindy!